Tips for Addressing Pregnancy-Related Carpal Tunnel Pain

Most of us are familiar with the expected pregnancy discomforts like lower back pain, heartburn, and breast changes, but did you know pregnancy can also cause carpal tunnel symptoms as well? This unexpected, but very common, symptom is related to hormones.

What Causes It

Swelling in the wrist around the carpal tunnel puts pressure on the nerves in that area, which can lead to pain and tingling. It’s often worse at night due to being in the same position for long stretches of time, making the pain or discomfort worse. However, it can be mitigated to make your pregnancy more comfortable.

3 Ways A Chiropractic Visit Can Help

  1. Joint Manipulation – By adjusting the joints in your wrist Dr. Danielle can gently restore movement and reduce pressure on the carpal tunnel.
  2. Massage – Dr. Daneille can alleviate tightness in your wrist and forearm muscles by using a variety of massage techniques.
  3. Exercises – Incorporating exercise can ease pain and help strengthen and stabilize your upper body while accommodating your changing body mechanics.

What To Do Between Visits

  1. Use ergonomic equipment – Ensuring your office and desk are setup in a way to keep your wrists in a neutral position throughout the workday will reduce swelling and take pressure off the nerves that can cause the pain.
  2. Wear wrist braces to sleep – If you wake up with your wrists bent and in pain nightly, consider investing in a wrist brace to keep your joints stationary as you move throughout the night.
  3. Self massage – During your next appointment, ask Dr. Danielle for some effective self-massage techniques to use on your wrists at home when the swelling and pain present themselves.

Left untreated, pregnancy-related carpal tunnel usually resolves on its own within six weeks postpartum.

Avoid living with the pain until then and book an appointment with Dr. Danielle for evaluation of your symptoms and to see if chiropractic care is right for you.